Take your photography to the next level

Butterlfy with a touch of Bo-keh!

Have you ever wondered why your photographs don’t come out as well as the Pro’s even if you are using similar equipment? Why do your pictures come out darker (under exposed) or whitewashed (over exposed). How do the Pro’s manage to blur out backgrounds and have the subjects stand out? How do I get trailing lights of cars on the expressway? How do I get that perfect sunset in the mountains?

Photography is both an art and a science. We offer many courses tailored to your needs, aspirations and skill levels. The folks behind Omi Photography are passionate about what they do and endeavor to bring the wonderful art of photography to the world at very reasonable costs. Feel free to browse the Workshop Catalog and Session Details and find the right course for you.

We offer courses at specific locations as well as Online for everyone everywhere using state of the art technology to take your photography to the next level. To get a glimpse of what our students are doing, feel free to browse the participant’s gallery.

If you have any queries, we are just a shout away. Call us or email us and we will be happy to resolve your queries and get you started.

Happy clicking!